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Dogby Duos

Dogby Duos

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Two fun and enriching activities, one for your dog to do independently and one for you to do together, delivered each month.

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Check out our gift options to give Dogby Duos to your favorite dog or dog person.

One independent activity for your dog.

One interactive activity for both of you.

Every month, get two new premium games, toys, or gear for a mix of shared and solo fun along with easy, clear instructions for how to use them. The items are durable, long-lasting, and great for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Here's what's inside the latest box:

  • SodaPup Coffee Cup

    The SodaPup Coffee Cup turns meals and snacks into quiet, independent playtime.

  • Dogby Treat Pockets

    Create treasure hunts, try scent work, and more for interactive fun with the Dogby Treat Pockets.

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