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Our subscription boxes have information, activities, games, and toys that are fun and enriching for dogs of all sizes and ages and their people, too.

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  • Made for you, too

    Designed to be just as fun and enriching for you as it is for your dog.

  • Enrichment

    Learn more about your dog's mental, emotional, and social needs and many ways to meet them.

  • Lifelong fun

    Get durable toys and gear and learn new activities that you'll be playing for years to come.

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    Created by a certified dog behavior consultant using cited reputable sources.

Kudos for Dogby

Look inside the Discovery Kits

Every other month, we explore a different aspect of our dogs' world with information, activities, games, and toys that are interactive, fun, and enriching for dogs of all sizes and ages.

This November and December, explore the ways hunting shaped dogs as a species, amplified the human-dog bond, and still influences how we live and play with dogs today in our "Playful Predators" Discovery Kits.

Look Inside the Dogby Duos

Each monthly Dogby Duo has everything you need for two fun and enriching activities, one for your dog to do independently and one for you to do together.

In the latest Duos, the SodaPup Coffee Cup turns meals and snacks into quiet, independent playtime, and the Dogby Treat Pockets give you many ways to play together from treasure hunts to scent work to fetch!

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