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Discovery Kits

Discovery Kits

Every other month, we explore a different aspect of how dog's experience the world with activities, games and toys that are interactive, fun, and enriching for dogs of all sizes and ages.

Your first kit will ship next Tuesday.

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Check out our gift options to give a Discovery Kit to your favorite dog or dog person.

Everything you need to learn and have fun together

Premium games, gear, and toys

- Supplies for 4-6 activities and games

- A mix of shared and independent fun

- Durable, long-lasting items

- Perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes


- A concise yet in-depth exploration of the kit's topic

Look inside the current Discovery Kit: Smellscapes

Available January and February

Immerse yourself in your dog’s rich world of smells to discover how their smelling superpowers transform the way they experience the world.

  • The Long Leash

    A durable, 12-foot Biothane leash that gives your dog the flexibility needed to meander, vary their pace, or wander off trail in order to explore their world via smell.

  • The Snuffle Mat

    Let your dog enjoy mentally enriching and soothing sniffing and snuffling at mealtimes with this custom mat from The Waggly Hound.

  • The Scent Work Kit

    Have fun trying a new activity together with this kit from Dogby. It's a great way to burn mental energy and have fun indoors.

  • The Burrow Toy

    This multifunctional toy can be used in endless ways, including as a food puzzle to give your dog extra sniffing and scavenging time that will help them stay calm and well behaved throughout the day.

  • The Stinky Treats

    Your dog will love the meaty aroma of these healthy treats, which are perfect for confidence-boosting, bond-strengthening, treat-based training.

The exact items in your Discovery Kits may vary slightly in terms of color or style.

Upcoming Discovery Kit topics

March-April: Love

Take a deep dive into your dog's heart to learn more about how their capacity for love influenced their evolution and how they like to give and receive love today.

Did you know? Dogs, humans, and chimps are the only species known to catch yawns.

May - June: Scavenging

Scavenging played a critical role in the evolution from wolf to dog and is a huge part of our dogs' behavior today.

Did you know? Because dogs evolved as a part of human societies, they can eat almost everything we eat.

July - August: Emotions

Discover your dog's emotional range and learn how to interpret their feelings.

Did you know? Happy dogs laugh. It's a soft, non-rhythmic panting sound.

Your idea could be next!

Tell us what you've always wanted to know about dogs, and we will try to answer your questions in upcoming Discovery Kits.

What have you always wondered about dogs?

Why do Discovery Kits ship every other month?

Shipping Discovery Kits every other month gives us more time to craft high quality experiences for you and your dog. It also allows us to select premium products with a higher value that would make monthly deliveries cost-prohibitive for many of our customers.

Plus, having 2 months with each kit gives you and your dog more time to immerse yourselves in and to fit it in around your busy life without having unused kits piling up.

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