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The Discovery Kits

The Discovery Kits

Every other month, we explore a different aspect of how dog's experience the world with activities, games and toys that are interactive, fun, and enriching for dogs of all sizes and ages.

Your first kit ships within 2 days. Subsequent kits ship every 2 months.

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Everything you need to learn and have fun together

Premium games, gear, and toys

- Supplies for 4-6 activities and games

- A mix of shared and independent fun

- Durable, long-lasting items

- Perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes


- A concise yet in-depth exploration of the kit's topic

Explore the current Discovery Kit: Naughty by Nature

Available September and October

Embrace your dog's wild side with an exploration of weird, rude, or bewildering dog behaviors like digging, chewing, and crotch sniffing.

  • The Pop Up Pool

    A durable, packable pool that makes a perfect digging pit, whether your dog likes to dig or snuffle indoors or outdoors.

    Source: DOOG, Sydney, Australia

  • The Snoop

    This bouncy, playful food puzzle is the perfect outlet for scavenging energy and a great way to reduce the boredom that contributes to other annoying behaviors.

    Source: Outward Hound, Centennial, CO

  • The Waterless Shampoo

    This hypoallergenic foaming shampoo is surprisingly effective at removing dirt and mud without much scrubbing, making it easier to let your dog roll, romp, and blaze their own trail outdoors.

    Source: Walking Paws Boutique, Alexandria, VA

  • The Shreddable Stuffed Animal

    This stuffed toy's long limbs, fuzzy fur, and squeaker make it perfect for dissecting after a few rounds of play. Its low price means it won't be too sad for you to see it go.

    Source: Multipet, East Rutherford, NJ

  • The No-Hide Strip

    A safer alternative to rawhide that's designed for dog's of all sizes.

    Source: Earth Animal, Southport, CT

The exact items in your Discovery Kits may vary slightly in terms of color or style.

Upcoming Discovery Kit topics

July - August: Emotions

Discover your dog's emotional range and learn how to interpret their feelings.

Did you know? Happy dogs laugh. It's a soft, non-rhythmic panting sound.

September - October: Naughty by nature

Many of the naughty things that our dogs do are perfectly normal, acceptable behaviors to them. We'll explore why dogs do them and how to let your dog have fun being a dog without trashing your house.

Did you know? There is no consensus on why dogs roll in stinky stuff. A few top theories are that they are masking their scent for hunting, that they are spreading the scent of a resource to help others find it, or that it's just for fun.

November - December: Hunting

Unlike cats, most dogs no longer have the entire set of hunting skills needed to catch and eat prey. Let's explore each of these skills and look at how they shaped domestication, breed differences, and our dogs' behavior today.

Your idea could be next!

Tell us what you've always wanted to know about dogs, and we will try to answer your questions in upcoming Discovery Kits.

What have you always wondered about dogs?

Why do Discovery Kits ship every other month?

Shipping Discovery Kits every other month gives us more time to craft high quality experiences for you and your dog. It also allows us to select premium products with a higher value that would make monthly deliveries cost-prohibitive for many of our customers.

Plus, having 2 months with each kit gives you and your dog more time to immerse yourselves in and to fit it in around your busy life without having unused kits piling up.

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