Relaxation Protocol for Quiet Mat

Prerequisite skills: Sit, down, & stay

The Relaxation Protocol for the Quiet Mat requires a few basic skills to get started. If you need help teaching them to your dog, we recommend All Dogs go to Kevin's YouTube videos.

  • Sit: This video shows how to teach your dog to sit. If you want to go through the entire process, go for it! But, you only need to master the first minute of the video for our purposes.
  • Down: This video shows how to teach your dog to lay down. For the Quiet Mat, you'll only need the first 45 seconds of this video.
  • Stay: This video will help you teach a basic stay that will help you get started. Like the other videos, you only need the first minute and 15 seconds for our purposes, but the whole thing is great if you want to build a strong stay!

The Relaxation Protocol

This protocol is a modified version of one developed by Dr. Karen Overall as a way to teach dogs and cats to relax. We kept her core ideas and most of her original training plan with just a few modifications to make it more relevant to situations outside of your home.

Psst! The links below are all photos. We wanted to make it easy for you to save them to your phone, if you find it easier than referring back to this page.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight

Day Nine

Day Ten

Day Eleven

Day Twelve

Day Thirteen

Day Fourteen

Day Fifteen