Upcoming Discovery Kit Topics

Each Discovery Kit explores a different aspect of what it's like to be a dog. Here's what upcoming kits will explore:

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September - October: Naughty by nature

Many of the naughty things that our dogs do are perfectly normal, acceptable behaviors to them. We'll explore why dogs do them and how to let your dog have fun being a dog without trashing your house.

Did you know? There is no consensus on why dogs roll in stinky stuff. A few top theories are that they are masking their scent for hunting, that they are spreading the scent of a resource to help others find it, or that it's just for fun.

November - December: Hunting

Unlike cats, most dogs no longer have the entire set of hunting skills needed to catch and eat prey. Let's explore each of these skills and look at how they shaped domestication, breed differences, and our dogs' behavior today.

January - February: Sense of Smell

The Smellscapes Kit explores how their heightened sense of smell changes how they perceive and interact with the world around them.

Did you know? Dogs can smell many things that we think are odorless.

March - April: Bonding

Take a deep dive into your dog's heart to learn more about how they connect and relate to the people and animals around them.

Did you know? Dogs, humans, and chimps are the only species known to catch yawns.

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What have you always wanted to know about dogs?